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The Lost Stories of Our Ancestors

Think for a moment about the billions of lives that were lived before ours – the lives of our people, the lives of our ancestors, each of them unique, each of them the story of one human soul set against the backdrop of a certain time and a certain place. Each of those people once looked out at the world just as we do now, they breathed as we do, thought as we do, hoped as we do; and they died, just as we too will one day pass into history. The things they did influenced our lives today, but in most cases we just don’t know who they were.

Of all those hundreds of millions of stories, the vast majority were never written down, and so almost all of them are gone. It’s not hard to see that the same fate awaits us too – when our great-grandchildren’s children ask about us, they won’t have much to remember us by. Some photographs of you may survive, but pictures rarely reveal more than an enigmatic smile, and they pose more questions than they answer. No matter what successes you’ve had in this life, no matter how extraordinary or commonplace your life story has been, no one in the distant future will be able to claim any rich understanding of who you are as a person without a written record. Your direct descendants most likely won’t even care terribly much about who you were, because without a book, they will have nothing of relevance by which to understand you.

Words Everlasting

A book about your life reveals unique insights into the way you lived and the way you think; the thing’s you’ve seen and the tasks you’ve accomplished. A book is a time capsule that can take your story far into the future, when the world will be quite a different place and your life story a precious relic of its history. Your descendants will take great pride in reading about your life and showing your book to others, and it will give their own lives a greater context by revealing more about their origins.

Recording your life story with Metro Writers is a wonderful experience, and one that is not as time-consuming as struggling alone with your own autobiography would be. Our researchers will gently interview you and your family, taking special note of the most important and revealing moments of your life, and will weave all these into a fascinating story about you, told in your own words – with our storytelling skills holding it all together. In a way, your story will make you immortal: it will make your life a legend, and your book with become a treasure passed down through your family for centuries to come. #Legacy #Biography

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