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What Metro Writers Does

At Metro Writers, we use the power of the written word to clarify visions, build brands, manage narratives, solidify reputations, grow businesses, elevate fame, and foremost, to leave a showpiece that defines our client’s legacies. A boutique writing agency, we take your vision and add the literary flow needed to maximize impact for Vietnamese elites in business, tech, arts and entertainment and more.

Our books are written in English, while our Vietnamese translations inspire local readers with stories of their Vietnamese role models, since nothing will do more for awareness of your business or personal accomplishments than a well-written book.

Where an article or advert provides short-lived attention before it fades from public consciousness, a book is prestigious, timeless and only grows in impact over time. Having a book written about you or your professional pursuits puts you into the stratosphere with internationally recognized leaders such as Bill Gates or Warren Buffet.

With frequently published authors on staff, no other company in the publishing industry of Vietnam can compete with what we offer – decades of writing and publishing experience in English-speaking markets such as Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Metro Writers has already created books for Vietnamese cultural icons and businesspeople, including celebrity chef Jack Lee, supermodel Ha Anh, fashion icon Vo Viet Chung, and most recently a biography for industry titan Madam Le Hoang Diep Thao, Trung Nguyen co-founder and CEO of King Coffee, which is currently being launched globally to critical acclaim and has brought her worldwide attention.

If you’re looking for a career changing, legacy defining, unmistakable boost to your profile; if you want to inspire the world and bring attention to Vietnam as well as your business, then look no further than Metro Writers, because we’re ready to document your dynamic experiences and share them with a market of great prestige both in Vietnam and internationally: the literary world.

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