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Travel is the world’s most idyllic sport – it captures the imagination like nothing else can, and it can make romantics out of everyday people of any nationality or age group. Everyone loves to travel, and they love to read about it too – relishing tales of faraway places and incredible things to see.


Travel writing, if it’s successful, grasps the readers’ sense of wonder and adventure, imparting an enthusiasm that will inspire them to follow in the writer’s footsteps and witness for themselves the people, places, and foreign lands that they have read about.

If you’re a travel services provider, a local tourism board, or the curator of a special tourist attraction, travel writing is one of the strongest tools you have to attract people to your destination. It’s not so easy to get noticed by writers, however – the world’s a big place, and you have a lot of competitors out there chasing the same tourism dollar. Foreign markets can be difficult to reach, and it’s not always easy to match their expectations. There’s also the risk of receiving negative feedback from a travel journalist, resulting in a major loss of business.

If you’re lucky, foreign writers will take the time to cover your attraction – you may be mentioned in the Lonely Planet or some other international guide book – but that won’t really give you a platform to truly promote and spread knowledge about your venue or locality, and it’s not something that you can hand out to guests, promoters, clients, and travel agents. What can make you stand out from the crowd, however, is a book – something that people can read and take home with them, that will educate them in detail about your tourist attraction, and ultimately bring you more visitors.



City/Destination Guides

Extensive analysis of the attractions of a city or region, focusing on its culture, history, structures, nightlife, tours and immediate environs.

Our team will spend a period of time visiting each of your local tourist sites and areas, photographing and reviewing each highlight and presenting them in book form as a complete travel guide.

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Photo Albums

Sometimes beautiful images are all you need to attract visitors from afar.

Our photography team can capture the best of your attraction from a Western viewpoint, generating hundreds of images to capture the imagination of your potential visitors – and our book designers can collate the best of these photos into an attractive photo book that can be used as a promotional tool and popular souvenir item on sale at the site.

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Tourist Attraction Presentation Volume

An in-depth look at your unique tourist attraction, whether it be an historic building, a modern art museum, an ancient pagoda, a national park, a cave system, or a scenic shoreline.

We can produce an information resource about your venue that instantly boosts its reputation and viability as a tourist must-see.

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Fictional Works

Sometimes the best way to make your tourist area more appealing is to think outside the box and develop a work of fiction that is based in your location.

Many places around the world are now famous and regularly-visited for their appearance in a book or television show.

We can produce a full-length publication or screen drama script designed to show your tourist area in the best possible light.

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