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If you've hit success in business, then your story is the most valuable thing you have to offer.


In a world where almost all business books in stores are written by Westerners, your home-based audience is ready and waiting to pay attention to your local advice, experience and guidance.


Internationally successful business people have found releasing a book to be the best way to make an impact and teach their skills to emerging generations of entrepreneurs. In doing so, they create a unique opportunity to draw more attention to their business, resulting in leads, sales, speaking engagements and consulting opportunities.


Business leaders with their own book—especially one released in English—receive broader recognition, international respect and stronger brand awareness in the marketplace.

Metro Writers can take your ideas and experience and turn them into a professionally produced book at a price comparable to a short-term advertising campaign and with far greater reach, impact and longevity.



Metro Writers will create your business book by conducting professional interviews with you before planning the narrative and setting your story and ideas down in book form.


In a process entirely subject to your direction and approval, Metro Writers will write the best and most impactful version of your story in English and your own language.


Metro Writers will design and submit your book for publication both within your region and globally via Amazon's international distribution service.

Basic Business Book


up to 100 pages

Local distribution online

International distribution via Amazon



for 8 months

The Business of Shipping.png


160–200 pages

Local bookstores & online

International Amazon distribution



for 12 months

Smart Enterprise.png


400 pages

Local bookstores & online

International Amazon distribution


By Negotiation

for 18 months



“Instantly, you have this relationship with someone because they've read your book.”


01. How long does it take to write a book?


Most business books are written over the course of a year, including the time it takes to draft, edit and lay out the final version. Smaller books can be written in several months, and our most detailed books generally take a year and a half. We can estimate the time it will take to complete your particular project during the initial discussion phase.


02. Where will my book be distributed?


We are able to arrange local distribution of your print book at popular bookstores and/or online. Internationally, we distribute via Amazon, which will make your book available in any country served by Amazon's global distribution service.

We can also make digital ebooks available for download and sale according to your specifications.

03. Can I write my own book?

If you've written your own manuscript already, we offer editing, translation and design services to help get your book to publishable standard. You can also collaborate with us on the manuscript, writing with the guidance of one of our editors or writing professionals.

04. Do I need a license to publish?

All books published in Vietnam, the UAE or China will require a legal license. Metro Writers will arrange for your license on your behalf. The process can take up to two months.

05. Can I make money selling my book?

As the owner of your book, you will retain all profits made through sales of your book. It's possible to make money and even recover your investment through book sales, but it is important to market your books to potential readers, or your sales are likely to be low. Most business people who put out a book make more money from the opportunities it brings and the doors it opens. Books published in English in particular can bring international opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable.


06. Why should I pay money to have my book written?

Our fees reflect the cost of hiring competent professional writers, editors, translators and designers to put your book together in the best possible form. The cost of creating the book is an investment into the quality of your book and its potential to meet your goals.

07. I thought publíshers write books for free?

Very successful entrepreneurs will occasionally have the opportunity for publishing houses to invest in writing and publishing their book, but there is no guarantee of quality or marketability, and only rarely will local publishers undertake English-language book projects (and those that do often end up with poor-quality written English).

When was the last time you got something for free that was truly valuable?

08. Who will be the author on the front cover of my book?

That's your choice. Most people choose to have their name listed as the author on the cover, while others prefer to be the subject of a book written by someone else. Either way, the book will be professionally written and edited, while you will have complete control over the content.

09. What happens if I'm not satisfied with my book?

It's very common for early drafts of your book content to fall below your expectations, which is why we always revise the writing according to your feedback. Usually once the text is revised following your suggestions for improvement, the final result is excellent.

We develop your book content in close consultation with you, so you will know early on if there's a problem. Nothing will be included in your book without your approval, and you can cancel the book project at any time.

10. Why are the fees higher than my expectation?

It's possible to hire a young university graduate to write a book for you at a very low cost, but the result is unlikely to reflect the maturity and depth of understanding of a professional, experienced writer, and quality English writing from such a freelancer is very unlikely. Our fees are roughly equivalent to hiring a professional native English speaking copywriter in your firm for the same amount of time it takes to write the book, and include everything from writing through to arranging publication in English and another language.

11. Who will design my book cover?

Book covers are usually designed by our staff based on your guidance. Most of our book production packages will include the fee for a photographer to take your picture for a cover shot. You are also welcome to submit a cover design of your own, although we will advise if there is an issue with your artwork (quite often the image quality is too low for printing).

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