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Book Writing Services

We take a systematic and creative approach in making sure our books are written well, written carefully, and express exactly what you have in mind. Our closely-integrated team of creative professionals will make every effort to ensure the smoothest possible process.

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You Have Control

Our overriding rule is this is your book. We know how to produce something that people will want to read while following legal publishing guidelines—but creative control is always yours.

Your International Outreach

We prepare the majority of our books for non-native English speakers. Whatever the nature of the book, it must convey your own voice, building your genuine brand or reputation globally.

You are the Primary Source

You are the focal point for all research. Our top bilingual researchers will interview you to collect the information to meet your objectives, assisting you to build the right narrative. 

You Have Legal Rights

You hold complete authorship and intellectual property rights under your name. All legal rights, titles, interests and responsibilities for your book stay with you as the author of the work.

Your Inspiring Stories

Our books bring mature international writing techniques to your story, while preserving your cultural context. This conveys your authentic personality to inspire readers in all languages.

Your Interviews are Confidential

All of our interviews with you are recorded, and you will have access to them on request. They are strictly confidential and your property, and will only be released upon your approval.


Legal Notice: We are a professional writing agency producing books and written materials based on the request of our clients. Our books are written based on material sourced from interviews with our clients and their designated colleagues. Our content belongs to and is the responsibility of the authors who commission us to set their opinions and experiences into written form, meaning our clients have full ownership, rights, titles, interests and responsibilities for their books. They retain and hold full credit for all information published in our books. 

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