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The Only Digital Marketing Tool No-one Talks About

The advertising industry is in a chaotic state of change as the world has shifted online faster than ever before.

Broad changes in consumer behaviour during the coronavirus pandemic has forced most industries into a burst of digital transformation, crowding the online space. This movement has placed enormous pressure on old-school advertising and marketing strategies as the digital battlefield becomes ever more crowded with industry competitors.

Traditional advertising is hit worst of all, with an overall 18 percent decline during 2020—with TVCs down 12 percent and print & radio advertising down a staggering 25 percent over the period.

Digital advertising campaigns are no longer guaranteed to catch customer attention as the competition rises, making it much harder than ever to stand out in the online theatre. Cut-throat bidding for keyword advertising leaves all but the largest businesses languishing low in search engine results, while social media strategies generate clicks and likes but no demonstrable revenues.

Crowded corporate messaging on popular social media platforms contributes to an overall shallower consumer impact with ads that may appear momentarily on a consumer’s screen without attracting their attention.

Advertising budgets are being squandered on campaigns that fail to drive consumption or significantly elevate brand awareness.

It’s now widely accepted that content marketing is the most important trend in brand building, especially in the wake of 2020. Content that makes an impact is content that tells a story.

What stories do people respond to the most? Stories about people.

People are attracted to leaders, movers, visionaries. That’s why brand representatives are so important. The best content marketing puts a human face on a company and its products. Consumers respond to messaging that emphasises admirable people.

This is why many businesses employ the services of KOLs to market their products by association. The downside of this is that KOLs draw more attention to themselves than they do to the products they endorse—and the more brands they’re associated with, the less impactful their endorsements are.

In the post-pandemic space, the most powerful way to attract attention to your brand is to attract attention to yourself as a market leader. The ultimate ticket to gaining that kind of prestige is the oldest form of media we have—books.

Even in the digital age, books have lost none of their gravity and impact. Research shows that a book about a business person can make a deep impression on consumers even before they read them. People will automatically pay more attention to business leaders they have read about—or even those they know to have written or been written about in a book.

People who receive a copy of a book about you will never throw it away—they will always regard you with higher esteem, even if they never read it!

As a marketing expense, books can be written about you personally or a prominent leader at your firm at a cost comparable to short-term digital marketing campaigns, only with permanent results. While competitors continue to pay for “click-and-forget” strategies, your business book will continue to demonstrate your status far into the foreseeable future.

To substantiate your success, impress clients, partners and customers, establish leadership branding and open new opportunities by being regarded as a luminary within your field, business books are the best marketing investment available as business transitions to the new normal.

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