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The Business of Books

Ask yourself a question – if you had a book with your name and photo on the cover, what would that do for your career? Would it give you a higher status in the eyes of your peers and colleagues? Would it establish your reputation as an important individual in your industry, as the key person to talk to about your line of business? Would you become the person who gets new opportunities and invitations based on your publishing achievement? The person who is approached by the media for interviews? The person who receives offers to become involved with new ventures and fresh sources of revenue? And, if your book is available in English, would that establish your reputation as someone with credibility not only in Vietnam, but also overseas?

If you agree that the answer to these questions is definitely yes, then you count amongst some very distinguished business professionals who think the same way – business people such as Richard Branson (Virgin), Mary Kay, Howard Schultz (Starbucks), and Jeff Bezos (Amazon) have all elected to have their stories told in a professional business biography.

Many successful people have claimed that the one thing that really brought their career to a higher international level was their decision to publish a book. For many, it was a conscious choice that formed an integral part of their personal or corporate PR strategy. Many expensive PR firms have advised their clients to seek out a book writing service to establish their authority in their field and cement their company’s reputation – which begs the question, if your current PR firm has not made the same recommendation, then why not

Corporate Biographies

It’s not only individuals who can benefit from the kind of PR a book can generate, but businesses too. A book about a company or corporation – especially one written in English – can give the kind of competitive advantage that is hard to achieve using any other strategy.

A corporate biography can:

  • Present full details of your firm’s history

  • Describe your experiences as a leader within your business

  • Unfold the development and applications of your products

  • Enumerate and evaluate your services and methods

  • Outline your competitive advantages

  • Position you firmly on the market

  • Popularise your brand

  • Communicate your corporate message in a genuine, believable way that advertising alone can never achieve

  • Elevate your business in the marketplace

  • Connect you with new sales and business opportunities

  • Prompt correspondence and enquiries from your consumers

It’s not difficult to imagine how successful your business will appear once your industry fellows and clients (including those who are your potential customers) are presented with a copy of your corporate biography. No matter what industry your business is in, a professionally-written book can change everything for you. #BusinessBooks #CorporateBiographies #Marketing

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