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Releasing The Queen of King Coffee

With King Coffee's official announcement of information about our book, I can now share with you Metro Writers' latest publication in English, The Queen of King Coffee by Le Hoang Diep Thao. Supporting Madame Thao’s autobiography has been an extraordinary privilege, as has been learning the true story of a woman completely mischaracterised by the Vietnamese media. Madame Thao’s book will clarify just how far-reaching her global activities have been in building her own businesses and supporting the entire Vietnamese coffee industry. I'm certain that Vietnamese readers will be deeply surprised to learn the true extent of her influence overseas.

For a very long time in our history, most leadership stories have been written about men. The fact is that women often choose to work in the shadows, where our oldest traditions have left them behind. Some of these traditions have a certain beauty, but they are not what we may wish to leave behind for our daughters. It's time to recognise what Vietnamese women can achieve behind the scenes, so that we can applaud their successes when they choose to step into the light.

The Queen of King Coffee, already available for pre-order on Amazon’s global e-commerce platform, will soft-launch in Dubai this week. I will speak at the launch ceremony in support of Madame Thao's wonderful memoir, which lovingly shares her experiences and strategies for the women and young entrepreneurs who will form the next generation of Vietnamese business leaders and those around the world.

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