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Corporate Credibility

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Metro Writers business biographies are all about credibility. Something of immense value to any business, credibility is hard to achieve – but when you have it, it brings both money and opportunities from your hard-won supporters. Business leaders who are recognised as credible players in their field gain respect and admiration from both colleagues and competitors. The key to this credibility comes down to how you are perceived – and with a business book, this perception is largely under your control. Your story in print will become the benchmark for the way you are seen in your industry – and guard you against unexpected occurrences and attacks that can otherwise detract from your prestige. People who have read your book will tend to believe your version of events before anyone else’s – something we’ve seen time and time again.

Anyone can have a website these days – many businesses invest in YouTube clips and even get some time on TV to attract consumer attention to their products. Some have a beautiful office with all sorts of plush furniture – others sprinkle their desk with lucky trinkets of dubious value. Your consumers see all of this, and they’re not convinced by it. People aren’t impressed as easily as they used to be – and about the only thing that will get their attention is a full-length, properly-written, smartly-bound book that tells the whole story of your business in a manner that is both engaging and believable. This is what will convince people that you are the key figure in your industry – the one to pay attention to in your field. Even before they begin to read, their estimation of you will shoot up – and once they’ve seen how good your book really is, there’s no chance of them forgetting who you are.

With a book, you’ll know what being a celebrity feels like. You’ll know what it’s like to be respected as an authority – not only here, but overseas as well. When something important happens in your industry, you will be the person the media call to seek comment. Whenever a major industry event is held, your firm will be the one featured, and yours will be the first company invited to get involved. Beyond this, whenever your industry or your firm is maligned or criticised, it’s your book that will help set the record straight and preserve your good name.

Metro Writers can make your book – be it your life story, your business history, your career guide, or whatever you have in mind – come to life on the page. Contact us now for a personalised and professional service today.

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