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Write books to guide our children’s minds!

After many years of philanthropy work, I have spoken with countless business owners looking for their own new ways to help the young people in our country.

Every business wants to fulfil its CSR duty and act to help those in need.

We focus so much on healing kids with physical needs, but we can’t forget to inspire children’s minds at the same time. While we heal those in bodily pain today, we should also remember to guide those who will be building the world of tomorrow.

Business leaders should never forget to pass on the lessons of their own life to young people! Those winners who fought their way to success have so much to share with others.

I see children in Vietnam today who have dreams to reach higher, for themselves, for their parents and families. They need Vietnamese heroes to admire and follow after.

The books people read when they are young are lanterns that light the path ahead. Businesses that want to do their part for the next generation should release their own thought leadership books to light those lanterns to support the children of Vietnam.

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